Rescue Puppy

Spay / Neuter Services

Our spay/neuter package includes a pre-operative exam, surgery (at the discretion of veterinarian), rabies and distemper vaccinations, pain medication good for 24-48 hours:

Cats $70

Dogs under 40lbs - $110

Dogs 40-79lbs - $145

Dogs 80lbs & over - $185

Check In:

Dogs  8:00am to 8:30am

Cats  8:30am to 9:00am

Pick Up:

Day after surgery - 7:30am

If same day release   5:00pm

Due to the high number of no-show appointments, which prevents TSC from caring for another pet, appointments will be monitored starting 4/1/2020.  A $5 no-show charge will be added to a subsquent appointment.  If you cannot make the appointment, please call 484-540-8436 at any time to leave a message and avoid a $5 charge.