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Meet the TSC staff

Skilled, compassionate, considerate. The Spayed Club staff believes that all animals are worthy of the highest-quality medical care and respectful handling.

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Sarah (Sally) Alexander, DVM

Dr. Sally Alexander, our Medical Director and spay/neuter extraordinaire, has been with TSC from the June 2009 day the clinic doors opened.  Dr. Alexander came to TSC with incredibly valuable experience as she was a spay/neuter veterinarian with the Humane Alliance Clinic of Asheville, NC, which established the protocol for high-quality, high-volume/low-cost spay/neuter.  As if that weren’t enough, Dr. Alexander was also a trainer/mentor for new clinics following the Humane Alliance way! TSC was extremely fortunate to be able to establish our Sharon Hill clinic with her!  Since 2009, Dr. Alexander has put her experience and surgical skills to providing the highest quality spay/neuter services to the cats and dogs that come through the clinic doors as TSC moves forward in our mission of ending the euthanasia of adoptable pets in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Dr. Alexander is a 2002 graduate of North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine.  She lives in Glen Mills, is married to Will and they are the proud parents of two boys; Liam and Billy, the furry one pictured.

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Natalie David, VMD

Dr. Natalie David is the Director of our Primary Care Clinic . . . once again!  Dr. David first came to TSC when she did her student externship.  During her second tenure with TSC, she established our Primary Care Clinic from the ground up.  Dr. David is now positioning the Primary Care Clinic to provide even more services for the community pet owners and animal rescues.  She has worked in shelter medicine, high volume spay/neuter, and general practice.  Her clinical interests include surgery, shelter medicine, infectious diseases, and anesthesia.  TSC is thrilled Dr. David is back with us and firmly hopes 'third time's a charm' and that she stays with us a long, long time.

Dr. David graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Environmental Studies in 2009 and is a 2014 graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine.   She lives in Philadelphia with her two rabbits, Jelly Rabbit and Tumtum, and relaxes by working on a native plant garden and hiking.

Clinic Staff

Administrative Staff:

Donna Dybus - Clinic Director

Jill Ippoliti - Office Manager

Jackie Casey - Receptionist

Mia Ippoliti - Receptionist

Hannah LIeberman - Receptionist

Jeanette Morris - Receptionist

Spay/Neuter Medical Staff:

Felicia Cusato - Veterinary Technician

Shannon Dickinson - Veterinary Technician

Anixabel O'Neill - Veterinary Technician

Donna Stewart - Recovery Technician

Primary Care Medical Staff:

Nasia Shlasinger - Clinic Coordinator/Surgical Nurse

Zoe Bermudez - Veterinary Technician

Megan Mercadante - Veterinary Technician

Ty Rennick - Veterinary Technician


Antoinette Veacock

Charlie Dybus

Board of Directors:

Carla Chieffo, VMD - President

Susan Spinello - Chair

Donna Dybus - Vice President

Patti Ferro - Member

Mary Fischer - Member

Jane Gaspari - Member

Trish McBride  - Member

Steven Zelitch, Esq.,  Counsel to the Board

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