Meet the TSC staff

Skilled, compassionate, considerate. The Spayed Club staff believes that all animals are worthy of the highest-quality medical care and respectful handling - from the owned purebred dog or cat down to the homeless feral/community cat. 

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Sarah (Sally) Alexander, DVM

Dr. Sally Alexander, our Medical Director and spay/neuter extraordinaire, has been with TSC from the June 2009 day the clinic doors opened.  Dr. Alexander came to TSC with incredibly valuable experience as she was a spay/neuter veterinarian with the Humane Alliance Clinic of Asheville, NC, which established the protocol for high-quality, high-volume/low-cost spay/neuter.  As if that weren’t enough, Dr. Alexander was also a trainer/mentor for new clinics following the Humane Alliance way! TSC was extremely fortunate to be able to establish our Sharon Hill clinic with her!  Since 2009, Dr. Alexander has put her experience and surgical skills to providing the highest quality spay/neuter services to the cats and dogs that come through the clinic doors as TSC moves forward in our mission of ending the euthanasia of adoptable pets in the Greater Philadelphia area


Cindy Balzer, VMD

Dr. Cynthia Balzer is one of TSC’s Primary Care Clinic veterinarians.  Dr. B, as she is known by all, brings a comprehensive and practical set of skills to the Primary Care Clinic where she sees pets for wellness and minor illness/problem appointments.  After owning and operating her own practice in Philadelphia for over 20 years, Dr. B has tons of medical and client experience in dealing with pet-owners who love their pets but may not know how to, or may not be financially capable of, caring for them.  Dr. B’s down-to-earth sensibilities and style allow her to connect with the pet owners in a way that results in the best medical care for their pets and empathy for the owners.


Carla Chieffo, VMD

Dr. Carla Chieffo is on the TSC team working in the Primary Care Clinic.  Dr. Chieffo brings critical skills and experiences to the Primary Care Clinic; a background in pharmaceutical research as well as many years of treating companion pets.  Dr. Chieffo’s past lives in these two areas bring an incredible balance to the TSC team.  Her dedication to the science of veterinary care and her experience in leading clinical operation projects are extremely valuable as TSC becomes a leader in providing exceptional, affordable veterinary services beyond spay/neuter.  Dr. Chieffo’s companion animal experience and compassionate approach to veterinary care provides the added advantage of excellent medical care by a doctor who truly cares.  During her busy careers, and as a testament to her leadership and humanitarian qualities, Dr. Chieffo found the time to head up a project to establish a goat dairy in The Gambia, Africa!  Check out the website for this fascinating and wonderful story


Clinic Staff

Administrative Staff:

Donna Dybus - Clinic Director

Jill Ippoliti - Office Manager

Mia Ippoliti - Receptionist

Hannah LIeberman - Receptionist

Jeanette Morris - Receptionist

Spay/Neuter Medical Staff:

Elise Cordero - Veterinary Technician

Felicia Cusato - Veterinary Technician

Shannon Dickinson - Veterinary Technician

Angel Vazquez - Veterinary Technician

Primary Care Medical Staff:

Nasia Shlasinger - Veterinary Technician


Georgianna Houghton-Dunderdale 

Charlie Dybus

Board of Directors:

Joan Williams

Susan Spinello

Jody Lyon

Patti Ferro

Mary Fischer

Trish McBride

Donna Dybus

Steven Zelitch, Esq.,  Counsel to the Board