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Primary Care

We offer affordable services and welcome pets needing wellness visits, vaccinations, minor injuries as well as treatments for skin, ears and eyes, urination problems, and respiratory issues. 

Our comprehensive exam per animal is $55.***


We have bundled the recommended wellness services into "Wellness Packages" for your convenience - see below.  These packages are not available to animals used for breeding or sale.

We also offer dentals.  Fees for polishing and scaling with full mouth dental x-rays are $600, effective 3/1/2024.   Extractions are extra.  A consultation is required prior to scheduling the dental.

Appointments for our Primary Care Clinic can be made Monday, Thursday and Friday by calling 484-540-8436.

***The exam fee is $75 for animals used for breeding or sale.

*** Intact animals will be charged a $25 Intact Fee.

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