Why Spay/Neuter?


Here are the top five reasons to spay/neuter your pet!


5.   Your male friend will better behaved.


An unneutered dog will do just about anything to find a mate, including digging under fences and attempting to slip out the door of your house.  A loose dog can get hurt in traffic or get in a fight with another dog.  Additionally, unneutered dogs and cats tend to spray strong smelling urine in order to mark their territory, and dogs will sometimes mount furniture and people.  Neutering your dog or cat can solve these problems, and as extra incentive, your friend may be less aggressive and more attentive to you, his human friend, after the procedure!


4.  Your female friend won’t go into heat.


A female cat typically goes into heat four to five days every three weeks throughout breeding season.  During this time, they will try to attract a mate by yowling and urinating more frequently, often outside the litter box.  A female dog has a bloody discharge when she goes into heat, and this lasts for about a week.  However, she can conceive for up to two weeks and easily end up with an unwanted litter.

3.  It makes sense financially.


The cost of your friend’s spay or neuter surgery is much less than the cost of caring for a litter of puppies or kittens.  It is also cheaper than vet bills that may result if your dog or cat escapes and gets into a fight or hurt while searching for a mate.  Lastly, it is also less expensive than getting your furniture or carpets cleaned after your friend goes into heat!


2.  Your friend will be happier and healthier.


Spaying a female dog or cat can prevent many health problems, including pyometra (a very serious uterine infection) and breast cancer.  Breast cancer can be fatal in about 50% of dogs and 90% of cats.  Spaying before the first heat also completely eliminates the threat of uterine and ovarian cancer. Neutering your male dog or cat prevents testicular tumors and may prevent future prostate problems. The possibility of perianal tumors and hernias will also decrease, as these are commonly observed in older, unaltered dogs. Spaying and neutering your dog or cat is an easy way to prevent these very serious health conditions, especially if done before six months of age!


1.  Spaying or neutering your dog or cat helps to reduce pet overpopulation.


Millions of animals (and tens of thousands right here in the Greater Philadelphia area) are euthanized annually because they were born in unwanted litters.  All of these unfortunate deaths could have been prevented if someone had spayed or neutered their parents.  You can help – spay or neuter your dog or cat!!

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Cats $70

Dogs under 40 lbs.: $110

Dogs 40 - 79 lbs.: $145

Dogs 80 lbs. and over: $185


Price includes the surgery, pain medication and a pre-operative exam, plus rabies and distemper vaccines.



By appointment only.


For detailed drop off hours, please see the "Appointments" page under the Services menu.


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